Software Department Manager
Description: Managing a software development department of 17 employees.

Introduced new roles and internal semi-agile development processes. Developed new processes for cooperation between sales, realization, and service departments.
Period: November 2016 - April 2018

WMS extensions for Walmart E-commerce
Project description: Walmart need major extension of the installed WMS to be able to handle goods from external suppliers.

Resposible for specification, architecture changes, design and for driving the development.
Roles: Software architect, software project manager for SSI Schäfer
Period: March 2016 - April 2018
Technologies: Oracle, Java, ObjectAid UML, SOAP, REST, MQ

New WMS for Walmart E-commerce USA
Project description: Walmart ordered four new automated E-commerce warehouses in USA based on WAMAS WMS from SSI Schäfer.

I was resposible for all interfaces to 12 different external systems. This included customer communication, specification, architecture, design, implementation, test and commisioning.

I was also software architect on main parts of the WMS, especially the parts related to the external interfaces.

The project was driven from Germany with support from local SSI Schäfer departments in USA, Denmark, Russia, Austria, and Romania.
Roles: Software architect, software developer, software project manager for SSI Schäfer
Period: October 2013 - February 2016
Technologies: Oracle, Java, ObjectAid UML, SOAP, REST, MQ

New WMS for Attends, Sweden
Project description: Attends Healthcare AB, Sweden ordered a new automated highbay Warehouse with WMS based on WAMAS WMS from SSI Schäfer.

I was part of the German project team. My roles were primarily design, implementation, test, commissioning, and training.
Roles: Software developer and solution architect for SSI Schäfer.
Period: November 2012 - October 2013
Technologies: Oracle, Java, ObjectAid UML

Product management, Library self-service machines
Project description: Lyngsoe Library Systems built a new software platform for self-service machines at libraries.

My role was to design and lead implementation of new requirements from Libraries in Northern Europe and North America. I also was to optimized and documented new internal processes in a task force team.
Roles: Software product manager at Lyngsoe Library Systems.
Period: December 2010 - September 2012
Technologies: Java, MySQL, HTML

Wireless Dect Handset, RTX Telecom
Project description: I was part of a small group to make software and hardware design for an embedded wireless handset for a VOIP (voice over IP) phone.

Hardware development was located in Hong Kong. I was working closely together with both hardware and software teams.
Roles: Software and hardware architect and designer. Software developer.
Period: January 2008 - November 2010
Technologies: C, hardware design

Sorter control, Lyngsoe Systems
Project description: I was mainly working with high level sorter controls of bagage sorters in airports and package sorters in warehouses.

Main projects:
  • Otto Versand, Germany
  • Baur Versand, Germany
  • Hong Kong Airport
  • Ataturk Airport, Istanbul
  • Walmart, USA
  • Rite Aid, USA
  • Target, USA
  • Sears, Canada
  • Fedex Smartpost, USA
  • UPS, Cologne, Germany
  • J.D. Williams, England
  • Levis, USA
  • Johannesburg Airport, South Afrika
Roles: Software developer
Period: July 2004 - November 2008
Technologies: C, Java, MySQL, Unix

Projekter fra studietiden på Aalborg Universitet

10. semester: Developing a Test Bed for AAUSat-II
9. semester: Developing a Robust Protocol for Wireless Fire Alarms
8. semester: Modelling and Simulation Platform for Large-Scale Network Structures
7. semester: Prototyping a Fault-tolerant CAN Bus Based Distributed Servosystem
6. semester: Design of a Controller for a Wind Tunnel
5. semester: Satellitstrømforsyning
4. semester: Styring af El-cykel
3. semester: Hi-Fi forstærker
2. semester: Lineær strømforsyning - modellering og fremstilling
1. semester: Introduktion til Neurale Netværk